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Here are some sites I thought you might find useful:

The best site on the web for dramas of all types for your church, conference, or retreat.
Rebecca can even write custom works for special occasions.  She's really the best!

Here's Mike's site with more samples and news from him.  He's current traveling all over
the world with the blockbuster show Triple Espresso.  It's a big hit in London.

If you haven't heard Sara's music, you don't know what you're missing.
Nominated for a Dove award last year, Sara's songs are some of the deepest and
most meaningful you'll come across.  She sang on my Worship CD and really brought
the song to life.  Check her site out!

Sara sings Holy, Holy, Holy on the Worship CD.  We've worked together on many jingles
and recording projects.  She sings with such emotion, you can't help but get caught up with her.
She has two new CD's, both of which you'll love.  Especially the first song on Joy.  ( I co-wrote it;-))